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And we
We were just like you 
Millennia ago
And many before us 
(And many after us)

And everything
It goes 
It goes and it returns
From circles to square one
(The time that forms a fractal)

And we
We tried to fight 
Aggression that remained
So deep inside
(We tamed the inner beast)

The rules
The rules we create
We always tend to break
And question their use
(The beasts don't follow rules)

And we
Worked tirelessly 
For daughters and for sons
So they can rest upon
(These matters have no state of rest)

And we
We wondered why are we 
Alone in universe
And are we here alone?
(The signals still plow the space)

We went
We went to conquer space
We were so proud
Of our spaceships and rovers
(At the same time we created the weapons of self-destruction)

And we
We didn’t understand
It happened again and again
The million of times
(We closed the next cycle of self-destruction)

We heard
We heard the single cries 
Of those older souls 
Who saw this in life before
(But those who were beasts are always in power)

The time
The time shrinks
The time shrinks in a lump
To turn into a supernova
(We felt acceleration as we approached the middle of the funnel)

And we
We didn't know 
We didn't know what we were doing
And you don't know
(You never know)

ᗩᑎᗪ ᗯE ᗯEᖇE ᒍᑌᔕT ᒪIKE YOᑌ
ᗰIᒪᒪEᑎIᗩ ᗩGO

Welcome to space flight to 4 exoplanets where life could, is or will be born. Imagine what the inhabitants of these planets might look like, what stories they experienced and how their civilization ended.

The First Presentation @LoBe Block Berlin