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With Marie Grunwald
Vernissage // 28.10.2017 // 18:00 – 22:00
Kameruner Straße 43 // 13351 Berlin

Observations of the aesthetic features of the emergence of construction in progressive European countries from the alien and the aborigine.
Search for abstraction and structure in the chaos of construction debris and raw materials.
Admiration of random strokes of an unknown language of construction marks.
State of impermanence and daily total changes.
Speed and expressiveness of the space, which precedes the receipt of a real, ordinary and perennial building.

Bauquelle is an abstract conquest for underlining the aesthetic features of early stages of construction sites. There is an atemporal creation day to what could become a building at any moment. Constructions sites are the temporary maternities, the beds where constructions are being born, the childhoods of every concrete creation about which passbyers haven’t decided yet to judge as monsters or as technological miracles. Lines of spray-paint next to blocks of polystyrene over empty pipes mixed with full pipes heavy-weight and lightweight covered in dust are masterpieces of contemporary design. In Bauquelle, the construction site is a safe space, a regulated empire made out of the precious heavy stones of trade- construction materials that are the random ready-mades, site specifics. In continuous change, such territory would conflict the politics of the proper if that power structure would exist. The initial aesthetic features of construction sites are partnered with ergonomy, economy, politics and they are worked upon through sound and matter. The indigenous sees construction sites as completely ignorable mundane eczema of small neighborhood utopias. In Bauquelle, the beauty of the paria of nowadays labours- physical labour, mostly practiced by gastarbeiters, is invited for a blast in abstraction, outside its purpose, external to its regular use. The aim of questioning the aesthetics of the ignored, the invisible, the loud is to exercise the patience and love for the vernacular beauty created by construction workers in the absence of any artistic intentions.

(Text by Jasmina Al-Qaisi)

A special pin-up photo shoot was performed on an inspiring construction site with the aim of producing a calendar for the inspiration of the builders. The calendars found a wide response and inspired the builders to take an interest in our project.