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From ashes, resurrection. Something will rise from the dead. But what have died?
Before this time of the pandemic there was hope in and of the future. In retrospect we can almost read the causes of the effects that statute our present. Inventions we have celebrated without its full responsibility, the mistakes we did, did lead us to our present state. Were we always-already heading to this?We dream that time would change, change as it has always done before. But to change, it needs to let some things go, leave the old and let it die. It needs new time to be born. But to be born it needs to kill the old. It needs to break itself loose of this loop in ever-circling itself without production of a new future, or is it an undead glitch? The present has a virus. It looms its changing but it really can’t. It doesn’t really change, not significantly enough to bring a new turn.But today the champagne is served and our laughs are already at the brim of our lips. New Friends and new experiences will burden time with colorful change as we see our world recycled and written over again in new contexts. There is still hope because we will kill. And what finally have died will make room for new times.
Text by Maxim Belevich

Sculpture One - Sacrificed Safety.
Sculpture Two - Phoenix

@Studio Bazan, Malaga, Spain