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Are you a fan of what?

While drinking your beer in the hood you threaten to send a multimillion-dollar national team coach to breed pigs.
Running around the field, little people are not perceived through your new plasma screen as fellow-creatures in the mind. And isn't it all mindless - the many hours contemplation of kicking the ball by adult men?
All the absurdity of big football and the big issues with the big sport I’m trying to rethink and mock.

In this work we have patches of the things which are understandable and native to the Russian people on the political flags of the countries from the world football championship in Russia. One could notice that the Russian person is easy on the rise and is clearly visible as a nationality in any part of the world. but wherever the foot of the Russian man has gone, everywhere it is followed by buckwheat, borsch, vodka and Russian social network vkontakte. Russian people value their cultural values. Russian people have a strong sense of nostalgia. They often remembers how everything was good under communism, and then adds that under the tsar it was even better. Russian man is famous for his generous soul and is often noticeable with a spoon of black caviar and a pile of banknotes in the Swiss bank. Russian girls will not let the face of the best fashion houses of France hit the dirt. Russian weapons are transported in all possible legal and illegal ways to the countries of Africa, Middle Asia and the East. The Russian Orthodox Church is the most correct church in the world. To know more about artifacts and values of Russian culture, ask at our stand.