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ǝɔɐɟ sıɥ uı ʇɹɐǝɥ sıɥ ʍɐs I

The face is a reflection of a soul. It reflects events in life of a person that he has already experienced or that are still waiting for him. Trying to catch the emotion that characterizes the personality the most is the task of the artist when he paints a portrait.
Kamerun Str. in Berlin lives its own unique life, where people come from different troubled places of the world. Their children play together, discovering the colors of different cultures.
During the preparation of the exhibition There is no glue to this solution, I happened to get acquainted with all the neighbors from the house and the children of the street. To dedicate the next project to the residents of the street became the idea of the next exhibition.
I invited to join me two other artists living in the neighborhood.
The three of us organized a Sunday tea party, inviting neighbors. We communicated freely and played with the children. In the meantime, every artist looked at each guest and chose the most interesting person to paint a portrait of him.
I chose Denis, he is 12 years old and he came from Bosnia. Other artists in turn chose Furina from Bulgaria and Senat from Serbia. We made a lot of photos and based on them painted 3 huge portraits in the size of the whole wall. The faces Kamerun Str. glanced through the window of the gallery to surprise inhabitants of the street, who are pretty far from the art.
During the opening Jasmina Al-Qaisi read her poetry related to the theme of imprint of personality on the face.