Katya Quea KaQuELish777ktquzzz+++__cat/.ek

Impossible Things Before Breakfast

10/04 – 05/05 2021 @Erratum Gallery

During the lockdown, our reality changed dramatically. The daily routine has gone awry, home office and tele-education have changed our daily activities. We woke up late and set the alarm on five minutes before the obligatory zoom meeting. What thoughts and ideas come into our heads as soon as we wake up? Have our discussions become a continuation of dreams? Has our imagination become more active? Is virtual reality getting closer? Are we ready to replace our persona with an imaginary avatar?

Katya recreates an installation of magical 3D characters staring at each other through the surfaces of porcelain plates. Vinyl records, sawn into ninja boomerangs, are circling around. Each plate contains a mirror engraved with an impossible idea. Drones with Amazon logos fly here, banned raves take place, recipes for love potions and a functioning democracy are offered. This is how tea drinking in Wonderland is picturized today.

For dessert, delicious foam sculptures are exhibited, through which Katya recycles toys and plastic found from the street.