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Public Space Interventions
during the lockdown 2020

Together with Sunniva Innstrand
and her dog Pepa

Stay home, take a break, this is the universal time of rethinking. Maybe you come to some significant conclusions. Maybe not. But thinking is good for you. And at home you are safe. Stay connected with people, keep Abstand 1,5 m. Keep dreaming.

The Bag sculpture was exhibited in the area of the famous Berlin Wall Memorial as The Monument to The Victims Of Consumerism.

Drinks with alter-ego.

En plein air.


Empathy and Spirituality.
As a reflection to Black Lives Matter
Last days I think a lot about aggression. How it is brought up in people from childhood and becomes the norm. It was always incomprehensible to me. I was born empathic and could not watch cartoons where someone beats someone, I started to cry and my parents laughed at me. But I was always struck by the fact of these norms, violence in all possible media. From an early age, children watch movies about war and aggression, and parents approve this. Many people watch reports from hot military points absolutely indifferent at breakfast and perhaps even support the actions of their state. On the Internet you can find all possible types of aggressive perversions in the public domain and it seems to me that every second guy is fond of it. What structures should generally control this and is this possible?

We have created this world where aggression is normalized, where we need the police to control aggression, but aggression is still normal, therefore it is not surprising that the police is the most aggressive, since they are constantly confronted with aggression.

It seems to me that the only way to cultivate empathy is to shift priorities to spiritual values, study spiritual practices and energy interactions between creatures and objects to the same extent as we study natural sciences, to study conscience and establish an emphasis on it, as the most important navigator in the process of understanding and decision making, the study of intuition and sensuality, building a dialogue about these aspects of the human nature from early educational institutions.

It seems to me in many ways that the pre-colonization world of Africa and America existed in this way. It seems to me that Western European society with its culture and science, built on a material and rational philosophy, has long gone the wrong way.

I also rethink all these dialogues about the white privilege and the terminology itself becomes inappropriate for me. How do we still talk about some kind of privilege that even more comforts the ego of unhealthy nationalism? We must talk about white shame. Every person of the Europioid race should feel shame and disgrace in the 21st century for the establishment of this ridiculous system of racial superiority, for the years of colonization and for the destruction of the harmony of the planet, for the history of this civilization which is a story of barbarism. As Germany is ashamed of its past, we all must realize that all the terror and cataclysms of our civilization are the fault of white people.

And returning to male aggression, which also plays a significant role in this whole problem. Until men also do not recognize their shame over the years of the patriarchal system, for neglecting spiritual worship of the female energy, the primordial power of motherhood, a source of love, care and kindness, this civilization is also doomed. Gender equality should not be a reason for another aggression, it should be a source of harmony and understanding that we are, first and foremost, our souls, who equally feel and are equally designed for the pursuit of universal love. And everything else that worries our brain and limits our spirituality is dictated by the conditions in which our body lives.It seems to me that many recent events point us to this and many begin to come to their senses. It seems to me that capitalism should capitulate.

Well, let's see. I somehow hope for the return to emphathy and spirituality and this feminine future.

After long shower practicing and annoying neighbors I’m finally ready to present the power of my hangover voice to the dacha habitants of Bornholmer Verein. Inspired by the voices of russian orthodox priests that follow me in the nightmares and the songs with idiotic lyrics that are hard to get out of your head