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The Emergency Care Center

Berghain, Ausländerbehörde, stiftung aid, Tinder second dates, art schools - whatever you were excluded from getting we care for you. Rejectology Emergency Care Center for both Rejectees and Rejectors. We tailor the therapy for every problem. 

*The same areas of our brain become activated when we experience rejection as when we experience physical pain. (Guy Winch, 2015)

Text by Jasmina Al-Qaisi 

“I'd like to like you like you like me,
But I can't please understand.
I'm not a jerk -- but I am.”

Dangerous Muse – The Rejection song, 2005

In-between self-glorification and self-invalidation, there is this big, dark steep- rejection. Known as the need to be proper, either for someone or something, the French by etymology- réjection, does very detailed damage, because the human brain invests it with massive powers. Rejectology - The Emergency Care Center, confronting its patients with on-topic art-works and activities, aims to present the possibility of a therapeutic locus, where various forms of rejection find a retreat to co-op and love.

The Rejectologists that gathered for this occasion believe that rejection should only be acceptable between mathematical vectors; or art. If it wouldn’t be for artists rejecting certain imposed conditions/policies/movements art wouldn't have Care Centers.

The aim of this Care Center is to dispose of the inevitable Why?, deceptive and self harming with no answer; and to subdue the inescapable Is-it-personal? on such an elemental topic - ejection with or without the r.

To be noted the patients are not going to be experimented on or treated with painkillers, although it's been proven to alleviate* feeling of rejection. The Rejectologists cannot teach how to deal with unliked instagram posts, although it would be great to have an answer to that. They can only provide everyone with the same attention.

25/11/2017 18:00
Kameruner Str. 43, 13351 Berlin