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The title came from the song of Serge Gainsbourg, which I used to really like. I already used this words for my installation at Rejectology exhibition where I just wanted to give a tip on a simple and effective anti-stress therapy :) But when it came to be a title of the exhibition, I began to think about Sea, Sex and Sun song a lot and was trying to determine my approach to it.
It's a nice and pleasant song before you start to dig deeper. Almost like trap songs of nowadays, they sing about bitches and murders, but the vibe is so relaxing and chill so you don't think too much.

Actually if you read the lyrics of the song - It's just a manifesto of an aging drunken pedophile, sexist, hedonist and fetishist.
Serge Gainsbourg is still enjoying life and is surrounded by women in 70s.
Meanwhile the book of Guy Debord "The Society of Spectacle" is already released. The same time with the Gainsbourg's song a collage-movie based on Debord's book has been released. In the movie we can observe lots of shots of the almost naked models on the beaches. This is how I illustrate  the song to myself as well.

Sea, sex and sun
Le soleil au zรฉnith.

The rise of a consumer society is also at its zenith.
But now we are here, 45 years later. The song of Gainsbourg still pleases the ears. The critics of Guy Debord is still actual.
The consumer society has produced a bunch of garbage. The sea is not the same, carrying tonns of plastic. The sex industry is filled with silicone and inflatable dolls. The sun is replaced by ubiquitous solariums.

I have long been interested in art and the philosophies of the Situationists and Fluxus from France . I myself work with the remnants of industrial construction debris, plastics and synthetic foams to express the feeling of modern artificial synthetic reality. So Iโ€™m very grateful to use the chance to come up with the works which combine all those interests๐Ÿ‘™๐Ÿ‘„๐Ÿ’ฆ

Exhibition @ Lebenson Gallery Paris

Together with  Philippe Soussan, Arnie,
Jan Robert von RauรŸendorf, Deborah Cagno.