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Stuffed Rizas

Riza - in Old Russian “clothing, vestment”.
In Orthodox Christianity - priest's vestments, as well as a metal frame on a particularly revered icon.
My stuffed rizas are a continuation of the Iconostasis of Hypocrisy series as objects of a fictitious fantasy chapel.
They frame the quotes from my canon At the Iconostasis of the Hypocrisy.

At the Iconostasis of Hypocrisy. Download the PDF

The hymns of the rebels

2023 Textile, emroidery. 80x50 cm

‘The hymns of the rebels are born from under the blanket of fluffy moss of ancient peoples, the heirs of the inhabitants of the lost planet.’

Isn‘t it time for us 2023

Textile, emroidery. 80x60 cm

‘Isn't it time for us to cleanse our souls from envy and the pursuit of profit and embrace our adelphes with the joy of unity?’

The spell shrinks in a lump

2023 Textile, emroidery. 80x60 cm

‘The spell shrinks in a lump to turn into a supernova’