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The installation (fake teleportation room) shows in a grotesque form the attempt of society to receive the entertainment of the opposite climate. The installation mock the limitations of modern technologies and spaces in the cities of Berlin (Tropical Island Park) and Johannesburg (Avalanche Snow Park). The installation accompanies with the song by Frank Ocean "Sweet Life" sung by Katya Elizarova.

Installation view:

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Sweet life, rest and entertainment, rest on resorts. Attitude to travel, as an opportunity to become a king for a few days, to feel a privilege over the local population, which turns out beeing your servant. Impersonal service rating. Excursions to the sights and observing the wonders like animals in a cage. Buying souvenirs produced in large quantities in China.
The tourism industry is so impregnated with a fake that recreating artificial resorts with entertainment of the opposite climate does not seem strange for the visitors.

The capitalist system dictates us that the goal of life is the attainment of privilege. The ability to have servants, landscaper and housekeeper from the moment of birth. Indication of your personal trainer and cook on Instagram. Declaring life as an eternal sweet treat with visits to all kinds of entertainment, where specially trained people will entertain you. But behind the fictitious smiles of the staff there are often real and tragic fate. Why should they be nice to you if a previous client has just mixed them with muds or their salary does not allow them to feed the family? Why should they suffer from a bad rating if they just allowed themselves to express their opinions?

Amusement parks and resorts are trying to entice consumers with the possibility of an imaginary feeling of their own privilege. Uncomfortable self-perception in places of artificial entertainment is natural for a self-sufficient person with subconscious moral barriers and comprehensive interests in life.

The tourism and entertainment industry is based on people who are not able to independently organize their leisure time. On people who, in pursuit of the acquisition of privileges, have lost interest in self-education and a humane outlook. Why see the world around if you have a beach?