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The first presentation @Beaux Arts de Paris, Paris 2020


It was never exactly clear what laid the foundation for the slime. In the beginning, the media speculated that a new type of semi-biological material was developed in US laboratories for the processing of nonrecyclable waste. But soon this information was refuted by all the representations of US scientific and political institutions, and also no other countries recognized themselves as involved in the appearance of the slime. The slime was first seen on the shores of the ocean in Bangladesh. It was assimilated on garbage waste and was subsequently found in large quantities in the center of the ocean on the so-called floating islands of garbage.  Shamans and religious fanatics saw the punishment of the gods in the slime. Ufologists attributed slime to an alien origin. According to them, the slime was introduced by the aliens to help the earth in environmental problems. Some suggested that the planet itself created the slime for its own salvation. The slime was a viscous substance of varying degrees of moisture. Slime changed colors like a chameleon, either depending on the surface of assimilation, or according to its own unknown pattern. The colors of the slime ranged from completely natural to extremely acidic caustic shades. The texture was completely uneven, there were homogeneous clumps, interspersed with a different consistency and color, wormshaped threads and molecular compounds. Of course, at first all the media squealed with delight, reporting news about the slime. No one saw the impending danger in him. A colorful, funny, sensational contraption is wrapping around the trash, turning it into itself. Stunningly bewitching process.  On one day, Bangladeshis discovered a slime in an asphalt parking lot near the beach. Just a few hours later, the slime absorbed 50 square meters of asphalt. People tried to break and rake the slime with shovels, but the slime pulled into itself a metal alloy. They tried to stuff the slime into plastic containers and bags, but they also turned into a slime in a matter of minutes. People noticed that the wooden bases of the shovels remained untouched. Then people fenced the territory of the growing slime with wooden boards. Slime stopped at that point. Hundreds of scientists gathered at the scene. They were exposing various materials on the slime. After some experiments, it was found that the slime processes absolutely all compounds made by man, prefers plastic and fully synthetic materials, but also does not shun metal alloys, paper, cement, asphalt, brick and fabrics. Slime is only indifferent to surfaces of absolutely natural origin. That is, to block the path of the slime to growth on asphalt, you can just pile a shaft of sand, earth, wood, plants, etc. Local residents calmed down, slime was packed in wooden boxes and thrown deep into the ocean. The incident was considered exhausted.  A week passed and the slime suddenly appeared very far from the ocean, deep in the continent in Africa, at a huge dump. At the time of discovery, the slime had already spread to at least a square kilometer in the bowels of the landfill. In the same week, 3 more slime locations were reposted on huge garbage dams in China, Russia and Australia. Slime slowly but surely began to take over the planet. For the first months, the slime was controlled. People in natural leather gloves with wooden tools, and often with bare hands (there was no visible harm to human skin), stuffed the slime into leather bags and wooden containers and tried to dispose of it in the ocean. Russia began unloading slime on spacecraft into space. Subsequently, the United States accused Russia of unloading gallons of slime into orbit, where after a while the slime processed the satellite, despite the tight wooden containers, and began circling the earth, irrigating all cities and countries with slime rains and slime meteorites. After a couple of weeks, slime became an absolutely global problem. Asphalt roads were covered with slime. Any kind of modern buildings and vehicles became paralyzed. People woke up in their homes and found themselves walled up in a slime. Mass migration from cities to forests began. Huge corporations began to hastily produce wooden domes for private and social use. Churches and false prophets manifest the coming of the apocalypse. Thousands of communities with a ban on any non-biological objects have become inhabitants of jungles and taiga forests. People refused clothes or changed to furs and skins. Starvation, cold and darkness began on the planet. The human population was declining at maximum speed. The planet was moving into another phase of life. Life after The Victory of The Slime.

Katya Elizarova