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The White

Probably this is a normal state for a creative soul - sometimes to experience complete apathy, alienation, rejection and loss of meaning.
My riotous and rebellious energy, however, does not allow me to lie on a sofa in such a period and reflect, looking at the ceiling. More precisely, the white ceiling of course added the fuel to the fire. Does the white cube make any sense for me?
Does the black square make any sense for me? Does it make sense in contemporary art? Is there any point in creating something?
Is there any point in what I did before?
Questions that still do not have a clear answer were reflected in this project.

I walked through the streets in broad daylight and painted the white squares over the graffiti that had bothered me, the past stage of my life, provoking a fierce reaction not only from graffiti writers, but also from the residents of houses who don't really care what is going on the wall, but the very fact of art performance in broad daylight on the wall of a residential building goes beyond their usual.

Around 30 squares were created.I was wondering what would happen with the white squares after a while. I created clean canvases on the street, they look extremely tempting for street artists. On some of the squares drawings have already begun to appear.