Katya Elizarova KTQuELishktquzzz+++__cat/.ek


An site specific installation in a private bunker by Wiensowski & Harbord.
Part of a group exhibition "Synaesthesia - today is an uncanny site".

A bunker is a very gloomy and dreary place. People feel uncomfortable there. What made people build bunkers and hide in these dark dungeons without windows or doors or cozy furniture?
Everybody knows the answer: wars, bombings and catastrophically destructive weapons that humanity invented in the 20th century.
What is the cause of wars?
Everybody knows the answer: international politics. People in power lose the sense of value of one human life. Send troops or a plane with a bomb somewhere for them is not so serious issue.
My work is called the Window of Dreams. In the bunker there are no windows and windows are impossible there so one who is there can only dream of a window.
The window is filled with rainbow cotton wool (Vata - russian, Watte - deutsch) of pastel tones, reminiscent of cotton candy. Vata symbolizes the clouds in which ordinary people live, trusting politicians. It also symbolizes cotton candy, which fills their brains under the influence of speeches of politicians, promises and propaganda. In Russia we have such an expression - the head is clogged with "Vata", about people who do not think too logically or link only to other's opinions. During the conflict with Ukraine, Ukrainians began to call "Vata" all Russian people who supports general russian geopolitics. "Vata" became a bad word.

My window is closed with curtains. On the curtains you can see the portraits of smiling politicians. All of them sent troops, most of them sent bombs, some of them perpetrated genocide. But all of this was always preceded with a kind smile, promises and hopes for people for a peaceful future. Curtains and photos are held in a pink color, associated with dreams and happiness. Fake smiles alternate with emoji-smiles, which are also often used so fake and thoughtless. Curtains mock at those in the bunker and close the Window of Dreams from them.