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Streets of Athens


After visiting Athens in November 2016, I brought hundreds of photos of street compositions with me. I looked at them for a long time on my monitor. The process of deepening the absolute individuality of street shoots continued in the translation of photographs into vector illustrations. Each detail was drawn by me manually, which allowed to get incredibly close to the stories.

I decided to show the beauty of unskilled motley graffiti, imposed objects and various advertisings to residents and tourists in Athens. For this, I printed out my vector drawings on pieces of A3 paper in almost natural size and arrived in April to post them in the city. One of the posters became part of the exhibition Edge.Piraeus by my school Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee in the period of Documenta 14 in Athens.

During my visit in April I was collecting photos of typical political signs drawn on the walls of Athens and other non-professional graffiti, as well as types of repainting. All this became the basis for the wall, which I painted in the building of our school exhibition, on the terrace.