Katya Quea KaQuELish777ktquzzz+++__cat/.ek

Word Crew Stand @ Faces&Laces 

This summer we participated in the annual exhibition of street subcultures Faces and Laces in Moscow. My idea was to create a kind of an aquarium symbolizing the closeness of the graffiti subculture, and then to cover the transparent surface with tags, on the spot, at the exhibition. The theme of the exhibition was rage, so our performance symbolized all the rage that taggers splash on walls.

Thanks to our team member, an architect, my idea was visualized and later assembled into a real object. Also, I loaded up the whole team enthusiastically to make their paper products for the exhibition. Together we worked nicely, built a beautiful stand and made a bunch of stickers and posters. Our stand was very much liked both by visitors and organizers!