Katya Elizarova KTQuELishktquzzz+++__cat/.ek

Berlin Based Katya Quel translates the aesthetics of the digital into the analogue and addresses the transience of consumer society. Katya creates spatial installations and mixed-media sculptures that redefine found and appropriated objects through her own artistic reality, expressing sadness over environmental issues. It connects our everyday products with the symbolism of imaginative spirit worlds. Her works reflect growing up in a religious family, escaping into a fantasy and computer reality and individual rebellion. Her practice is based on a design approach to bold combinations of shapes and colors and expansive gestures of graffiti, digital techniques and typography that emerged in the dawn of the internet – in the aesthetics of video games and post-internet. Her unconventional art forms accompanied by her certain irony in opposition to product-oriented art.

My recent exhibition you can find as the project pages here. For the upcoming shows please follow my Instagram.