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Katya Quel, a Berlin/Paris-based artist and curator, dedicates her artistic practice to triggering religious forms, rebuilding them with fairy imaginary narratives juxtaposed with contemporary issues, all within a mix of multimedia materials.

Fostering relationships between diverse fields of pop culture, Katya blurs the boundaries between Eastern and Western artistic approaches, as well as the distinctions between words and brushstrokes, reality and fantasy, design and art, and anthropogenic culture and nature. Her goal is to unveil new modes of artistic coexistence rooted in subcultural aesthetics, surpassing traditional canons, and unveiling untapped possibilities for storytelling that resonate with new generations amidst an ever-changing environment.

Katya’s vision extends to crafting worlds within tales, beings within universes, offering fresh frameworks for understanding and acting in the face of the contemporary ecological crisis.

My recent exhibition you can find as the project pages here. For the upcoming shows please follow my Instagram.