Katya Elizarova KTQuELishktquzzz+++__cat/.ek

Hello! I’m Katya Elizarova, I made this website and all the stuff.
I was born and raised in Moscow, Russia.
I do all possible creative things.

I studied at the Higher Academic School of Graphic Design (2006-2010)
and at the Institute of Business and Design (2013-2015) in the workshop of Boris Trofimov.

I was working as a graphic designer from 2006 to 2015 and published my own magazines.

I’m engaged in multimedia exhibitions, curatorial practice, events and graffiti.

Since 2016 I’m studying in Academy of Arts Berlin Weissensee, living and working in Berlin.

As an artist I’m interested in combining fantasy and irony with bad taste and high fashion trends, postapocaliptic morphs and contemporary construction materials, childish graffiti and internet aesthetics in an attempt to reproduce my own visual world through installations, sculptures, paintings and computer graphics.