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Katya Quel is a Berlin based artist and curator.
Katya studied fine art in Berlin Weissensee Academy (including 1 year Erasmus exchange in Beaux Arts de Paris).

Katya is developing her own artistic world inspired by post-RPG-gaming fantasy reality and post-graffiti symbols and forms within multimedia materials. She expresses philosophical questions about contemporary dogmas and fable-like romantic lyrics through dreamlike imaginary narratives. Katya’s practice connects underground and pop culture, nature and technology, words and colored masses, crafty and conceptual artistic approaches, design and art, realm, and fantasm.

Katya aims to create worlds in fairy tales and creatures in universes that aim to surpass the traditional canons and reveal new methods of artistic self-placement rooted in subculture.

My recent exhibition you can find as the project pages here. For the upcoming shows please follow my Instagram.